Improving Your Health Through Food

Improving Your Health Through FoodAcid reflux diets are one of the best routes to improving your health. As you know, having GERD and other stomach ailments is not only limiting on the foods you can eat, but also is very painful. You may feel as if you do not have many options to choose from, but you do. The fact is, if you take the time to improve your diet for GERD or acid reflux, chances are good you will feel better, having more energy and will be able to do more of the things you enjoy doing. While it may seem like you will never eat the foods you love, chances are good you do not have to give too many of them up at all.

An acid reflux diet should consist of foods that are most unlikely to trigger the pain of your condition. These foods are not too limiting but there are some foods that are simply well-known for causing pain. For example, eating fruits and vegetables that have a strong acid components such as tomatoes and oranges is likely to set off the pain. Therefore, there are some foods you simply should avoid.

In addition to those foods, there are some other foods that are known to cause painful GERD symptoms. Eating these foods in moderation is possible though, especially if your symptoms are not overly strong or constant. For example, you may have problems with some berries, including blueberries, strawberries and grapes. Other people have problems with garlic, onions and scrambled eggs. Fried foods, though many people love these foods, when eaten in moderation seem to be an okay solution, too.

Change Your Diet, Improve Your Health

You are most likely taking acid reflux medications which can be one of the problems you are facing. Many people do not like to take them since they are a bother and in some situations are expensive. Yet, how can you improve acid reflux if you do not take them? First, you should never stop taking your medications without your doctor’s prior approval. But you may be able to improve GERD and other ailments by improving your diet. For example, take the time to work out a menu that includes only some of those foods that are okay in moderation and none of the foods listed as too severe for GERD sufferers.

By improving the types of foods you take in, you will be stopping the onset of new painful symptoms. This gives your medications time to work and time to heal the inflammation you have. Many doctors will recommend a very strict diet for those who are just diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux diseases of other types. That is because during the first few weeks, the medications you are taking and the natural healing powers of your body can do wonderful at healing the damage you currently have. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a very strict diet.

Later on, as you improve somewhat, you will also find yourself feeling better and having more energy when you eat healthy foods. You may find that you do not have other symptoms as well, even those which may not be directly related to GERD. The reason is simple – when one organ or area of the body is suffering, the rest of the system is also taxed. With improvements to your diet, you will find that your overall health will improve. Plus, these improvements could help you stop taking medications at some point in the future. That alone makes it remarkably important to adapt these dietary changes.

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