Causes of Gerd

Causes of GerdGERD causes should be well known to those who are at a particular risk. People who suffer from this condition commonly have a family history of the problem. But this is not always necessarily the case. While only your doctor can say for sure that you are suffering from GERD or acid reflux disease there are common symptoms you should be on the look-out. Take some time to understand this disease so you can protect yourself in the short and the long term.The most common reasons for acid reflux disease diet.

Diet is a common problem for many people who suffer from this condition. People who have a diet that is highly acidic are most likely to be suffering from this condition. Those who take in acidic foods may have mild or temporary heartburn. This is enough to lead to other problems as well but in itself is an important marker for those who should seek out help. This includes heartburn that happens after you have eaten a meal (especially one that is high in fats and acid based foods.) It can also happen when you bend over or do any type of lifting.

There are other reasons for GERD symptoms to happen, though, besides the poor acid reflux diets you may have. For example, you may have a malfunction of the lower esophageal sphincter muscles or the LES muscles. These muscles have the job of opening and closing your esophagus. They also work to maintain the amount of pressure that you have in this area so that the contents of the stomach stay in the stomach. When there is a malfunction of these muscles which is usually due to the muscles losing tone or weakening in other forms, the muscle does not close properly. Acid from the stomach can come back up and into the esophagus causing the pain you feel.

You may also have symptoms of GERD if you have an impaired stomach function problem. Here, there is an abnormal nerve or there is abnormal function of the muscles of the stomach. This GERD cause is important to note because it is estimated that about half of those who suffer from acid reflux symptoms have this symptom. Those who have it have a stomach that is unable to act spontaneously and therefore they do not contract correctly. This causes problems removing food and acid from the stomach. This leaves more risk for these substances to go back up.

Other people have GERD that is caused by abnormalities in the esophagus. If you have these, you likely have the symptoms such as a chronic cough, a lump in the throat feeling or you may have a horse voice. When you have these, it is likely that there is some problem with your esophagus. Up to 73 percent of patients who suffer from GERD or other acid reflux symptoms will have this problem. The muscles may not function correctly or there may be problems with the rings that surround this muscle (especially in the form of causing problems in swallowing).

There are many other causes of GERD, too, but these are the most common. Doctors warn that you may not know what the cuase of the condition is either, even after testing. Still, many of these health problems can be improved significantly by improving your diet and by seeking out medications to treat them. Many people will find relief from pain and a better quality of life after working with their doctor to improve. Treatments are able to help with many of these GERD causes.

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