GERD Medicine

GERD MedicineGERD medicine can be a saving grace for many people. GERD, a condition in which there is heartburn and other pain in the chest area, the throat and sometimes the stomach of the patient, can be debilitating. Eating a full meal may be all it takes to cause this problem. What’s more, it may seem that some foods can trigger an episode. For those who are facing mild to severe GERD, doctors can provide you with a number of GERD medications that work to improve your overall health and they can reverse many of the painful symptoms you have on a regular basis.

One of the most important ways to improve your overall health is through GERD diets . Working to find out what foods could be triggering this reaction and removing them from your diet is one of the best ways you can overcome the disease. Most people do not look forward to a lot of acid reflux diet restrictions but by removing some of the most aggravating of foods can be a very helpful way of improving the way you feel. Doctors believe that acid-based foods and those foods that are very fatty are the common causes for reflux.

If you are facing moderate to severe acid reflux symptoms or symptoms of acid reflux that are very bothersome, your doctor will want to go further than just prescribing diet restrictions for the condition. The doctor will want to provide you with some medications that will improve the pain and discomfort you feel. One of the most common medications is an antacid which works to neutralize the digestive acids in your stomach which are known to cause some of the pain themselves. These medications work well for mild symptoms and should be used mostly for occasional relief.

Doctors may also recommend that you take in magnesium. Magnesium salts are a common solution for the treatment of acid reflux. This can come in various forms though, including magnesium hydroxide which is sold as Milk of Magnesia or it can be sold as magnesium trisillicate. Sometimes, this can lead to diarrhea so dosage should only be as necessary.

In addition to this, your doctor may recommend other types of medications and treatments to handle your acid reflux. They may prescribe calcium to help you. This is usually available in forms such as Tums or Alka 2, for example. They work as fast-acting acid antacids and they are generally very potent and thus very successful. Unfortunately, these too have side effects but here it is usually constipation. They are a good source of calcium though which is important for those who may be suffering from calcium loss. In addition to this, aluminum salts may also be recommended by your doctor. These are sold as Alternagel and Amphogel. These are great tools for improving your acid reflux but they, too, can cause constipation and therefore should be used carefully.

Take the time to talk to your doctor, too. They can provide you with more help especially if you are suffering from severe pain and discomfort. Many of these medications are in fact able to help you improve your health and are available over the counter. If you do feel you need something stronger or feel that these over the counter treatments are not giving you the best help out there, talk to your doctor. Some complications of acid reflux and GERD can be treated with prescription medications or they can be treated with surgery. Until you visit your doctor, you will not know which options are best suited for your needs.

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