Curing GERD (Acid Reflux) Naturally

Heartburn can happen to anyone. It can happen as you get older. It can happen during pregnancy. It can happen because you allowed yourself to eat too much in one sitting. Yet, heartburn is different than GERD. Understanding the difference is essential to understanding the need for a cure.

GERD, unlike the occasional case of heartburn, happens frequently. For many sufferers, GERD happens on a daily basis. It can become extremely painful and over time, GERD can cause other health complications like ulcers. This makes treating your condition essential but before you can start to treat it, you must understand how and why it happens.

Normal Digestion

In the normal digestion process, food travels down the esophagus to the stomach. To help break down the food, stomach acid is produced. The acid in the stomach breaks food down over time, preparing it for its trip into the small intestine. To keep food inside of the stomach while it is digesting, there is a small muscle, which works like a valve, on the top of the stomach. This is †known as the esophageal sphincter.

When Normal Digestion Goes Wrong?

Several things can go wrong during digestion but in GERD, the problem is often caused by a weakened esophageal sphincter. A weak esophageal sphincter will allow stomach acid and food back into the esophagus. This can cause irritation of the esophagus, result in heartburn and lead to a wide array of other GERD symptoms.

Sometimes the stomach can produce excess stomach acid. This can further compound the problem, making GERD symptoms worse. This part of GERD can often be controlled by learning how to cure GERD naturally.

Diagnosis is Needed

Before you attempt to cure GERD naturally, you need to understand the importance of a proper diagnosis. GERD symptoms can closely resemble other, more serious healthy complications. Because curing GERD naturally is mostly done by diet, you should also talk to your doctor about your overall health, especially if you have certain health conditions.

GERD and Your Lifestyle

Certain lifestyle habits can create or aggravate GERD symptoms. Some of the most common include tobacco and alcohol use, eating too large of a meal and lying down shortly after eating. These are lifestyle changes, some of which are relatively simple that can make a big difference in how often or severe your GERD symptoms are.

Curing GERD with the Right Diet

Certain foods can trigger the production of excess stomach acid. Some of the most common foods on this list include tomatoes, tomato products, fatty foods and foods with a lot of spices or extra flavorings. This is not the case for all people, however. Some people experience GERD no matter what they eat. This can make treating GERD naturally a little more difficult but it may still be possible by using some natural GERD remedies.

Natural GERD Remedies

When diet alone fails to alleviate symptoms, many GERD sufferers turn to natural or herbal remedies. This doesnít work for everyone, but for some, natural remedies provide relief from pain and GERD symptoms.

Curing GERD (Acid Reflux) NaturallyFennel seeds can be used to create infusions or tinctures, both of which are said to be an effective means of treating cramps often associated with GERD. Fennel seeds can also be combined with American cranesbill to reduce stomach acids. High doses of fennel seeds can be dangerous to women who are pregnant. You should talk to your doctor if you are pregnant before using fennel seeds to treat GERD symptoms.

German chamomile is well known for its ability to calm the digestive system and reduce digestive tract inflammation. It is best used by creating or purchasing infusions.

Aerial portions of peppermint can help stimulate bile flow and settle nervous stomach. You can use this treatment by creating an infusion. Peppermint can also trigger excess stomach acid production so you should be cautious when using this type of natural GERD treatment. You should also be aware, if you are breastfeeding, that peppermint can reduce milk production.

Lemon balm is said to have relaxing and sedative qualities. It can be used as an infusion or a tincture. You can also infuse it with chamomile or meadowsweet to help with inflammation.

Meadowsweet has a cooling and soothing effect. This can provide relief from inflammation and help reduce acid produced by the stomach. You may also find relief from heartburn by creating a meadowsweet tea.

Not all herbal or natural remedies are right for everyone. Certain health conditions may make the use of certain herbal or natural remedies unsafe. Before you take any natural remedies, you should first talk to your doctor, especially if you have certain health conditions, including pregnancy diabetes.

If your doctor permits you to use natural remedies to treat your GERD symptoms, make sure you discuss the proper way to use these remedies as well as how much you should use them. Even herbal or natural remedies can be used in excess, and if they are not working, your doctor will probably want to see you to discuss other options.

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